Is Your Arthritis Causing Your Joints to Ache? Physical Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain in These 4 Ways

Is Your Arthritis Causing Your Joints to Ache? PT Can Relieve Your Pain Jul12th 2021

Whether it is a pop in the knee with every step that you take, or a crack of your fingers with every attempt to open a jar, chances are that you aren’t going to realize just how much you rely on your joints to perform up to par until you are experiencing regular joint pain.

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of joint pain, and this means that pain in the ankles, knees, elbows and hips can happen to just about anyone.

What can I gain from physical therapy?

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States, affecting more than 50 million American adults. While often attributed to something people experience with old age, arthritis can actually happen at any time of life.

In fact, more than 300,000 children and infants in the United States alone are diagnosed with arthritis—something that many of these children are forced to deal with from birth, therefore leaving a lifetime of joint pain to cope with.

Physical therapy is one of the highest rated treatments for arthritis pain. While so many people think of physical therapy as a treatment for following an injury or after a devastating health-condition like a heart attack or stroke, utilizing physical therapy for arthritis pain is both highly effective and recommended. In fact, many physical therapists work with people who struggle with arthritis pain daily.

The 4 biggest advantages of physical therapy

  1. Range of motion improvement. Working with a physical therapist is a great way to improve your range of motion, which supports optimal joint functionality.
  2. Targeting joint pain at its source. In some situations, arthritis pain may be triggered by an environmental factor. Working with a licensed and experienced physical therapist can provide you with insight into those causes of pain, and can help you make adjustments to environmental factors that may be enhancing your level of discomfort.
  3. Strengthening muscles and surrounding joints. Weakness in the surrounding muscles can put added stress on your joints, thereby causing your joints additional pain during even standard attempts at movement.
  4. Using specialized treatments to relieve pain. Many physical therapists utilize additional forms of therapy including hot and cold therapy, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic care to provide optimal pain relief, and this can be incredibly helpful for arthritis pain.

How can I tell if I have arthritis?

It is fairly common for people who suffer with arthritis pain to resort to expensive surgery, steroid injections, and prescription medications to cope with their pain. Sometimes, these treatments can actually benefit patients with severe arthritis. More often than not, the better route to go involves physical therapy and natural treatments.

Arthritis does not discriminate either, and although it tends to be found often in elderly patients, it can affect anyone at any age. According to a study on JAMA, “[rheumatoid] arthritis (RA) occurs in about 5 per 1000 people and can lead to severe joint damage and disability.” Arthritis is also one of the top causes for disability in America. If left untreated by a professional, patients suffering with arthritis can experience extremely painful symptoms for long periods of time.

If you want to learn more about how physical therapy can benefit you and decrease your arthritis pain, give our office a call today.

So, why am I experiencing arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful condition that can happen to anyone. While women are more likely to experience joint pain than are men, statistics show that almost two-thirds of those who suffer from arthritic joint pain are actually of working age–that means regardless of gender, those between the ages of 20 and 65 are actually at the greatest risk of experiencing this type of pain.

Understanding the ways to deal with this pain head on is the best approach to take. While pain medications can help to reduce the experience of arthritis pain, there is no pill that will cure the problem. This is why physical therapy is routinely referred to as among the best practices for treating arthritis joint pain.

Relieve your aching joints today

If you are experiencing regular joint pain, then it may be time to contact Bullhead Physical Therapy for support.

Physical therapy is highly targeted and personalized to meet the needs of each individual, and so what is recommended for one person, or even for one particular injury or source of pain, may not be recommended in another situation.

The best way to ensure that your treatment is ideal for your personal needs is to consult your physical therapist.

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