Laser Therapy Bullhead City, AZ

Laser Therapy

If you are looking for a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to relieve your pain and recover from a condition, laser therapy may be an ideal choice for you. When conducting a laser treatment, photons will be released into the tissues surrounding the affected area to facilitate healing. These photons help in relieving pain, energizing cells, and increasing circulation to the injured area. If you have been searching for relief and recovery options, contact our Bullhead City, AZ physical therapy office today. We’ll help you schedule a consultation so you can discuss how our laser therapy services at Bullhead Physical Therapy may benefit you!

Understanding laser therapy before you begin:

We receive many questions about laser therapy treatments from first-time patients – “Does laser therapy hurt?” “Is laser therapy safe?” 

It is normal to be a bit apprehensive about a new course of treatment, especially if it is something that you don’t know a lot about. However, at Bullhead Physical Therapy, we are here to put your mind at ease by letting you know that laser therapy does NOT hurt and it IS completely safe!

Here are some helpful facts about laser therapy to ease any hesitations regarding it:

  • Medical lasers are approved by the FDA and they adhere to strict ISO standards.
  • Laser treatments are administered directly to the skin, in order to avoid contact with eyes.
  • There are a large variety of conditions that laser therapy can treat, including neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and sciatica, arthritis, bursitis, disc injuries, TMJ, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, soft tissue damage, and MORE.
  • Laser therapy has even earned a reputation as being one of the safest, non-invasive treatment options on the market!

Despite some misinformed skepticisms, laser treatments are entirely pain-free. In fact, many patients experience little to no sensation at all when receiving laser therapy treatments, depending on the type of laser that is being administered. Some patients report feeling a warm sensation from the laser, which is commonly described as soothing and pleasant. Laser treatments generally last between 2-10 minutes and the majority of patients start noticing results after only a few short sessions!

Incorporating laser therapy into your individualized treatment plan:

Laser therapy can be used to treat a vast variety of conditions, ranging from acute to chronic. The nature of your condition will determine the type of laser that will be administered, as well as its strength. This will be decided after your initial evaluation, where one of our dedicated Bullhead City, AZ physical therapists will examine the affected area(s) of your body in need of treatment, in addition to reviewing your medical history.

Each treatment plan is designed specifically for you, and targeted treatments will be prescribed for treating your condition. If you have been suffering from acute or chronic pain, and you think you could benefit from laser therapy treatments, don’t hesitate to contact Bullhead Physical Therapy at Bullhead City, AZ today! We are equipped with the best methods and advanced technologies for treating whatever condition may be paining you. 

Schedule your consultation today to get started on a treatment plan that will help you get back to your pain-free life as quickly and easily as possible!